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Dictionary Words is a two dictionary words domain name. As a phrase, "Demo Solution" does have strong technological meanings.


"Demo Solution" as a phrase can provide much flexible meaning to what type of information or what type of services being offered by the individual or the organization that is behind the name.


"Demo Solution" is a brandable business name. Without attribution to a geographic location, if it fit the business activities, an organization that is located anywhere in the world can use "Demo Solution" as their business name.

Noticable Features Of

1. .NET domain extension is not a domain extension that represents a specific country. Therefore, .NET domain extension can be used by any business or individual that located anywhere in the world. .NET domain name extension can offer a very powerful meaning for businesses that networked together on the global market, or by a single business that have a large global presence. Nevertheless, .NET domain can also be useful for individuals or organizations that only operated in a specifical geographic location and had not established many offices.

2. The word "Demo" has much meaning. Some of the meaning that the word "Demo" offer that can be useful for activities are: "a demonstration of a product or technique", "a recording made to demonstrate the capabilities of a musical group or performer or as preparation for a full recording", "demonstrate the capabilities of (software or equipment)", "record (a song or piece of music) to demonstrate the capabilities of a musical group or performer or as preparation for a full recording", "DEMO (DEMOnstration Power Plant) is a proposed nuclear fusion power plant", "Game demo is a freely-distributed version of a video game", "Technology demo is a prototype version of a technology product" and many more. "Solution" as a word in English has more than one meaning and one of the meaning is "products or services designed to meet a particular need". When combining "Demo Solution" as a phrase for a name, the phrase can give an interpretation that the individual or the organization behind the name offer information or services that help to produce demonstration presentation for whether if it is a piece of music, a playable video game demo to programming a demo mode for a technological gadget that can be but not limited to a smart television. on a very special occasion can be interpreted as a website that offers services that related to a nuclear power plant. (Dictionary meaning sourced from Google Search Engine and

3. Besides offer many powerful features, "Demo Solution" is easy to pronounce and is easy to spell. "" is memorable and would be hard to forget if the domain offers fantastic information for its visitors.



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This domain is for sale by Kevin Nguyen(kevinhng86), the author of Programming with Kevin, and is the owner of and the starting up company Fai Hosting Solution.

I do have a variety of domain in many niches. Feel free to browse the list of for sale domains below.

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